Tickles of Wind - Part 8

The sky was an iridescent array veiling the sinking sun.

The beach itself seemed surreal as it hung on a strange silence devoid of human interference. And in the joyous peace, the waves played with the shore as if its first memory of finding returned home.

I took advantage of your moment of weakness, she said.

Not a soul shared this relentless happiness of the waves as it surged again in joy. Of course, peace would come if peace was sought, for this place is a dream. Her dream, to be precise.

I can stop, she had whispered.

He was playing with the sand grains in an effort to grant me the time I needed to recoup. His back to me, his legs crossed, he grabbed a handful of sand.

I was at a loss for words. For him, I challenged the Undertaker. For him, I would move mountains, if only he asked. To what virtue of his I hold this unwavering loyalty? Damned if I know.

The wind and sea filled our silence for a while.

She lived next door to me, he said. We were betrothed to be married, like was the tradition of those days. She and I would play and learn for hours together and we were bound by threads that we did not even know existed then.

Such was our love that even time forgot its greed to flee. So pure our love, we burnt the envy in others eyes. We were accepted, a certainty, as you see this world.

If only I knew then… his voice quivered. His eyes wept a silent tear as the wind caressed his hair. I leaned to place my hand over his shoulder.

He was yet helpless. His loss, of innocence, was painful to hold. Of his smile, that would have lit the stars, this world was bereft. His penitent heart ached and beat, but the rhythm no longer belonged to the living.

She was chosen, he continued, as the medium. It came as a shock, for she had not reached her age of bleeding then

As the medium, her duties and life belonged to the Lord and His claim would override mine.

My grandfather said, the Lord was a puppeteer and we played his calling, one and all. All perfect cogs to the whole, each of us spun our lives to his games. The story must be told, but none to witness its entirety. His amusement is shared by none and for that sorrow alone, it was kind to play with him while we lived.

He deserved empathy. Empathy that would well our hearts for any being that saw life and death, in its circle, in its futility, every day. So I danced with Him, trusted in Him and believed in Him.

He dropped the handful of sand slowly and sighed.

Belief.... does not always allow acceptance

I could not accept her loss. I could not control the pain in me, as it seemed to grip me in its arms and tighten its hold.

So I ran, like you, as fast as my legs could carry. I could not carry the moment with me, for it seemed empty of life, of happiness, of her.

And as I ran, my eyes streaming, she ran with me. Her heart pure, she wept for my sorrow. She now belonged to two worlds, and she could choose neither. In her childish innocence, she wished for both though she knew, the world so far had died before her eyes.

The wind howled like a amorous ally sharing his deprivation

We watched the sun sink slowly into oblivion.

There is no grief greater than the death of innocence, he whispered. And as we ran, as we danced, we held each other’s hand for a final time

In that moment, the world seemed like this, he stretched his hand. It was beautiful.

My eyes welled.

You now witness our dance, he continued. You now remember the truth which you will weed. Your blood runs from ours and we will help you forget.

You must now return, he whispered. 

We have kept you long in our greed.

The wind and sea filled the silence that followed

I do not want to forget, I whispered. I could be your witness, if only you wished. The Lord is alone in his sorrow for he is stone and water.

You are more, I vowed, and I will remember.

He smiled and shook his head.

She stood behind him and looked radiant in the colors dancing across her hair. I walked to her and touched her cheek. She hugged me as would a child her mother. I cupped her face and kissed her forehead. He came to stand behind her and smiled at us. I looked at them, smiled, sighed and said, I should pack.

She laughed.

And in its echo, the waves surged again in joy and rushed to the shore to greet us.  

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