Tickles of Wind - My Diary

When I ran, I did not have the guts. Something told me they'll find me on the way to the station or may be pull me from the train.

My dad would say things he might regret later, my mother may vent her emotions every now and then.

And I would be locked up, wondering what it might have been if I got out??

And I know, now, that I would have never dreamed of this young boy, or his honesty.

She is quiet, and is smiling to herself, to her thoughts. And I wonder, did she bring me here to find her or me?

But I have realized, these fears I have, these dreams that scare, the registering of every waking moment that passes by longing for slumber and forgetfulness,

is me... The one, that I so badly try to hide. For the obvious fear of being judged...


I have made mistakes, horrible mistakes, in my life, that will remind me of who I was every idle moment.

But that does not mean I have to stop living, even when the long slumber sounds right.

I have got one chance to live in this planet earth, where they only speak of aliens and life on other planets.

And here I am, not locked up.

And this my chance.

In this planet earth where life survives, every second,

I am gonna survive too.

The best I can.

Darwin was right, survival is a fight..... but how else would you feel alive?