Tickles of Wind - Part 2 - IInd Half

Part 2 IInd Half

Sometimes facing truth is the hardest thing to do. The final step towards living the truth. The gap that goes between, you would wish your heart could'nt think.

I am a girl of lies. In every second, I build a lie. To myself. That now, today, my fortress is build in lie bricks that cant break cause they are so interwined in my life. One cut and I would die.

My choices are not perfect, my ends are not appreciated, my means are damned, but I am adored as a whole. For the minute to which I belong in a group, I rock their world. The stories I tell, the eyes that watch, the lips that smile, the small dimples and a slight tear, those are moments of truth. For them.

Survival is not tough. You could walk around for hours, steal a few berries, sleep in some un-constructed house, and explore this earth while people walk past you, unnoticed and unaware of your being. You own this planet. Just that, nobody knows you do.

This is the story of my life.

My thoughts merge in the sounds of train wheels. This moment, however surreal it seems, is true. The journey to every place begins with oneself.

I am ready.


  1. Have you read "Road less travelled". Give a thought after reading it. See where the destination is. Most often, we forget to realize that there is a destination, an eternal thing in a material world! Some say we achieve it when we die, others say when we win a lottery we feel it,and few good men see it when they view the pleasant smile of an old man whom you have helped from falling off!!!

  2. I am still chasing mine....