Tickles of Wind Part 2

Part 2

What If The Earth Pulled The Sky Down??!!

It was not saturation; But one step before that. Where all memories run like a trailer. Just cut moments. Too fast. Too hard.

She closed her eyes. There was no escape from past. Things she missed to see. Things she missed to feel. Minutes that froze in her eyes. And to her, for that moment, everything felt like a mistake, what she felt and what she didnt.

What is life without memories?? Sometimes, like her friend always said, she did wish she had an undo option in her life. Somehow, in someway, the jigsaw puzzle would just fall into pieces. Sometimes she believed it would happen by itself. Sometimes she imagined a thousand solutions. But something pulled her to do certain things. Same things. Same pits. Same falls. Her life was coming to a full circle, in every fullstop. All she wanted was not to run. Not to hide. Not to hurt. But to taste the life outside the circle. Just once.

The door creaked. She froze, waiting for her legs to take the second step, quietly taking in the blood pumped to her heart. Her father was in the room, immersed in his laptop. Her mother was sleeping. Her bag felt heavy. She stepped out, closed the door and slowly plugged in her earphones. Her head was reeling. For the first time, she felt something she has never felt before. Guts.

The mind is a tricky thing to please. It always wants something that you just left behind. But she needed this. Contradictions to feel happy. Contradictions to feel content in a 10/10 cubicle in the whole wide planet called earth and smile at the saturation point.

The que was long. Her mind was thinking of a thousand places, where no one knew her face, no one knew her name. She was not spriritual. But she liked the idea of being lost with redemption. To leave her next moment sincerely to fate. To Him. For once, it didnt matter if He took credit/blame for her life. She could not have cared more.

It was her turn now. The clock behind the counter showed 4.07 pm. She almost smiled at her luck. With just a bag full of clothes and a debit card with half the peanuts she earned, she bowed and spoke to the railway counter guy and said "Haridwar".


She was standing beside me and smiled, the young girl in the red dress. I checked once and closed my eyes. I am not Schizophrenic. Definitely not schizophrenic. But I opened my eyes to see she was still there, smiling. You want to walk the way he did. I did not reply. She giggled. My God, she was beautiful! I took the ticket, the change and sat for my train to arrive. You are not taking this journey alone, she said hugging my neck from behind. I am there, I am always there. I closed my eyes. Her small hands were warm and comforting. I smiled at the rhytimic sound of my train. Haridwar.

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  1. the fact is that journey to haridwar starts from within u!!!