Monkey Queen: Chapter II

Dear Reader,

I dont know what to pen. It may be because over the few months, I have lost the ability to choose. To decide. To win. This is the story of Monkey Queen Chapter II.

I didnt realize I would climb the green ladder again so soon. So quickly. My last trace of what I was and what I am now slowly fading away. My identity is deeply lost into the dual thoughts that control my life. Stay. Run.

So I chose to climb the green ladder instead while I pursue my last chance on the first option. Stay. My cloud awaits the Queen. I enter and the cloud feels like a stranger. I watch out for heights while we drift. Seems I have my lost my trust too. In winds. In freedom. In my cloud.

I hang on to the prim of my cloud. I reach over the chocolate slowly afraid of tilting the cloud. The cloud hovers even lower to stabilize my nerves. I shift my position now and I slowly lie down on the cloud still holding to its prim. I watch the sky passing above us. Cloudless except for us.

We land on the forest. It is night and the moon glitters on the leaves. There are blue flowers all over the way smiling in delight over the return of their Queen. I touch them and I kiss them welcome. I walk around unable to go further. I see the waterfalls and touch my feet to it. Cold. I see an orange fish peeking to see me through its tiny eyes. I must have looked like a giant monster. It quickly glided away.

I walk around aimlessly taking, no, drinking every sight I see.. the beauty of the barks, the roughness of the stones, the nocturnal owls, the stillness of the night and how cute a lion looks in its sleep. I sit beside it and stroke its mane. I remember having hurt its father. It must have forgotten the same or forgiven me.

I walk further and further down the forest. In all its grandeur, the pathway looks more like the dusty roads back home. I can almost hear all the noises that I left behind - cars, bikes, buses, auto, men, women, kids.

I stay in the forest afraid to let go. I know my answer is here and I yet cant figure out what it is. I wonder if it is cryptive or as plain as the cloudless sky. I look for hints everywhere and I find none.

My cloud returns prompting me of the deadline I have on my options. It questions my will as I hesitate to climb on it. This time I sit with my legs down still cold from the water of the forest. I pray that the little orange fish doesn't have freaky dreams about me, the giant monster, in its sleep. I smile. At least the Queen still has her humor safe.

Now my cloud taunts me by rising higher and drifting at a speed that would've made me cry in fear otherwise. I wonder if this is a hint too.

I land down the ladder on my roof and the cloud still lingers there. I smile at it in an effort to fool its judgment on my emotions. It smiles back and I know I failed. We stand smiling at each other on the roof and some would've called it a "picture perfect moment"!

I walk back and open my door to my room. I realize now that I am no longer the Queen for I have lost my title in my choices. In time. I am a stranger who travels in dark to a forest of forgotten stories and newsless ceremonies. I am here as sure as everyone else. I feel one with the world, like an average human subject, lost in rationale over reasons.

And for all this, I blame my monkey who failed to greet me in the forest. He was my answer and I might have as well stepped over his grave tonight. The truth is, it was as plain as the cloudless sky.