About her


This I am writing because I believe everything must have an introduction.. like a foreword or a paraphrase.. well mine is of course going be about me and her, but it shall be a precise version of who I am and "not" what you perceive me to be... so continue reading.

My name is raaga, and is a name I can honestly say I chose. I am the monkey queen. I love painting secretly and I sing my heart's desire in the bathroom. I speak well and I am tall enough to look you in the eye and smile. Being the monkey queen, I live in random thoughts and I like to do things that only monkeys of this race aprrove.

Then there is all that I am not. I am not political, like many other ignorant wise fellows, and I believe this concept of politics is mud shit. Why discuss things which are prone to futility every other second? Two, you may not find me to be a "pseudo-girl" and if u are disappointed, I can direct you to a guy who loves such nonsensical talks. Third you may not find the monkey queen quite interested in things she believe that are better left alone and she hates cockroaches along with certain specific other human beings.

Now, I believe I have given you an overview of me and her. If I can, I shall nudge you to read further and make your own perceptions and super structure only on the foundation I have laid out for you.