The story of her life!!

Intro: This is the story of the birth of her life written by rookie hands on the day she felt away from her closest ones..


Well here I am and i am gonna tell you today something about how I am feeling. I am feeling good because now I spend most of my time with my new found friends and that's great! I am feeling bad because I think I am moving away from some.

In this juncture of mixed feelings, I feel like there is a ladder from earth to sky which is green and covered with weeds. I am climbing the ladder and it takes me to a cloud that's softer than any sponge or foam on earth. It has a pot of coffee and lots of sugar and chocolates. And it flies!!

It flies and it flies up above the sky and I see everyone beneath me as if I am soaring just two feet above them all. I see big wide roads, brick buildings and a brown city. Life here is calm and cool and there is a sweetest breeze that tickles my back and I giggle and I giggle till I am laughing my guts out.

In this brown city there is a pink house with black gates and a wide terrace. I see figures like ants and I lean from my cloud so I can take a closer look at the images. It has everyone in my life standing on the roof top and talking to each other. Faces that have faded over time, faces I see every day and faces of those who scare my dreams. I walk among them all and they stare. I realize I am a stranger in the terrace and I get down from my cloud. My cloud is grumpy and I ask it to wait for a while. I walk among them and I touch their faces. Their faces are cold and they each kiss me. Every single one of them.  I don't feel good and I feel pushed to like them, which perhaps is what I want, and I run towards my cloud. It's a bit far away and high and I am running.. I no longer care about the terrace because it's a trap. I want to be in the sky with my coffee and my chocolates and the breeze that tickles my back. I run and I run and everyone laughs but then I jump and I hang on to the Cloud. The cloud tosses me up and it catches me and I am happy and smiling again, to know I am saved.

I am hungry and I take a bite. There are fireflies in the night in the prim of the cloud lighting our way. Oh they are beautiful than stars. The moon looks wonderfully round and shiny that I pluck it and put in my pocket for future use. I travel the world with my cloud and the breeze and the moon and the fireflies and the coffee and the chocolates and I am still smiling..

I land upon a place where only a few have been before. I am the destined queen but I still don't know that. I take off my clothes and I take a shower in the beautiful waterfall which flows from a height of great great distance. Oh when I stand underneath it, it touches my head like a feather. I play with the droplets till I am drunk with the water. I want to wander off naked till I find my clothes replaced with royal garbs that has all the style and skimpiness which the Hollywood designers must take a look at. I am happy and I pull a mirror down a tree and it bears all the necessary cosmetics I wanna wear from lakme to streetwear and I dress myself and flash my hair.

I know dresses don't come free but I take it for granted anyway. I am looking for the prince in the horse and I wander around. Every minute I make secret tales and I tell my heart of all the wonderful ways that I shall love him and him me. But then I realize I don't wanna be a princess anymore and I change myself to wild clothes for being rough and tough (Grr!). I look at the mynah and I sing like her. I look at the owl and laugh at my stare. I look at the monkey and I follow her. I swing and I jump and I play like her. She looks at me and she smiles. I am her queen and she is mine. We swing our way together through the trees and suddenly I see myself in the middle of men trapped in this world of mine and wanting to get out. Instantly my superhero instincts shoot up and I go to them and I tell them I would free them. The monkey looks at me and wonders how. She tells me there is no exit.  I look at her and I tell her there would be one soon enough.. Or I shall see them in the rooftop of the building too. The monkey smiles and I take a chance…

We build a fire and I lay awake. I shall be seen giving serious dispositions. I know if I take them to the waterfall the rocks there shall give way to the national highway where a yellow car shall pass by the time we land there. In the night I see a lion coming towards us. I climb the tree and put all my subjects on top of a branch and ask them to hang on the leaves till I say. I jump down with a growwwwl which the lion has and I fight it. I love it and I love the way it feels against my body and I slowly caress its beard. It looks at me with the same love and it tosses me around. I sit on it and it lets me carry it around. I admire its subtleties and I ask the people to run down. They do and the lion looks hungry again. I draw a knife and I run it through its back and it dies. I hear the scream and I run. I run to hide from myself. I don't know how long till I am in front of the waterfall.

I cry and I cry for I have not seen my prince till now. My heavenly robe no longer looks fashionable though I look really beautiful in my tears. I know I am the queen but no one shall be there for the ceremony. I look back and with all my clothes I feel bare. My heart sinks and I sit. The rocks move and the national highway shows.. there is a yellow car and I get on it with others…

I travel much and I land on the cloud.

Today I see the sky and my cloud wandering over my head all the time. I ignore the green ladder full of weeds. I sit beneath the stars and I stare at the moon that fell out of my pocket in the sky. I smile knowing I would have been beneath my cloud at this time and the cloud smiles back at its monkey queen!!!

About her


This I am writing because I believe everything must have an introduction.. like a foreword or a paraphrase.. well mine is of course going be about me and her, but it shall be a precise version of who I am and "not" what you perceive me to be... so continue reading.

My name is raaga, and is a name I can honestly say I chose. I am the monkey queen. I love painting secretly and I sing my heart's desire in the bathroom. I speak well and I am tall enough to look you in the eye and smile. Being the monkey queen, I live in random thoughts and I like to do things that only monkeys of this race aprrove.

Then there is all that I am not. I am not political, like many other ignorant wise fellows, and I believe this concept of politics is mud shit. Why discuss things which are prone to futility every other second? Two, you may not find me to be a "pseudo-girl" and if u are disappointed, I can direct you to a guy who loves such nonsensical talks. Third you may not find the monkey queen quite interested in things she believe that are better left alone and she hates cockroaches along with certain specific other human beings.

Now, I believe I have given you an overview of me and her. If I can, I shall nudge you to read further and make your own perceptions and super structure only on the foundation I have laid out for you.